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Paris? A new What-the-tuck trend?

Paris, the city of light. Paris, the city of love. Paris, the capital of France. Paris, of the iconic Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel, elle est belle!*). In 2012 (published in 2011), I read Paula McClain’s The Paris Wife, which … Continue reading

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Color-Blind, Thoughts on Harper Lee’s Novel

Originally posted on Autumn Leaves:
First let me say that I had no second thoughts about reading Harper Lee’s previously unpublished first novel, Go Set a Watchman. I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time in high school. Mrs.…

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Not cow-ering to pressure…

Unlike many people I know, I do not turn off or mute the sound on television commercials. I find them interesting, funny, silly, clever, and/or insane. Some I like; others, not so much. I also like milk, dairy milk that … Continue reading

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June 2015’s reads of a pedometer geek…

It is now halfway through the year 2015, and the resolutions this pedometer geek made are still on-going. They fit into two main resolutions. The first is to put steps on the pedometer, and the goal is to achieve 10,000 … Continue reading

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Typos that give pause…

Typos, I hate them, especially mine. I even correct my typos if I find them later (days, months, even years later), but sometimes there are typos I find…in books, in signs, on Facebook (perish the thought!) that give me pause. … Continue reading

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