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I love this post by Barbara Froman, and I share it here. (By the way, I have been known to curse quite frequently.) Happy 2018!

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Going Hi-tech

This pedometer geek has been wearing a pedometer since early 2001. I have gone through countless pedometers (well, if I really thought about it I could probably figure out how many of them I have owned (and then lost, broke, … Continue reading

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The Journey of a Thousand Miles… (and November reads)

…begins with a single step. A friend in Great Britain mentioned a challenge to walk a thousand miles in 2017. I believe it was to raise funds for a charity, and she encouraged others to participate. In solidarity with her, … Continue reading

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My thoughts to myself for the day

Originally posted on Box o' Ducks:
It’s very easy to talk about people without mentioning their names. Those who know them will know exactly who you’ve referred to, and a fair number of others will be certain you’re talking about…

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Cologne, not the City

It is obvious that the holidays are rapidly approaching. There are several reasons for this observation. The first is the proliferation of catalogs in the mailbox. Catalogs, both familiar and unfamiliar, have shown up in our mailbox. From Harry & … Continue reading

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Poetry Going Mainstream?

Apparently, it is. When I think about books of poetry, I don’t think of them as selling well. A few copies here, a few copies there, and maybe, just maybe, a hundred or so copies will be sold or given … Continue reading

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Goodreads Has Not-So-Good News for Indie Authors

Originally posted on Eva Lesko Natiello:
Anyone familiar with my book marketing coaching for indie authors, knows that I love Goodreads. After all, Goodreads has been critical to the success of many self-published authors who want to get their books…

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Stamp Act?

While standing in line at the post office yesterday waiting to buy stamps, I once again noticed the board that shows available postage stamps including a commemorative stamp from American history. I wondered, not for the first time, if anyone … Continue reading

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