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Being a mom…

Generally, I have found that composing at the keyboard leads to not saying exactly what I want…either forgetting something I wanted to say or not expressing myself as I hoped. But, despite this, this post is being composed at the … Continue reading

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Annie’s Gift: a short story

Still healing from my surgery so typing is still difficult, hence another summer rerun. Annie’s Gift Annie didn’t want to take an apple to Mrs. Rinehart, her third grade teacher.  That is what everybody did.  It was the classic fall … Continue reading

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Dictionary Elles

Posting the poem that is in the Hessler Street Fair Anthology, 2016 (edited by John Burroughs and published by Crisis Chronicles Press) as well as in this author’s poetry book, Three Breaths just for you, Jane. Dictionary Elles   Lewd, … Continue reading

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Annie, a short story

Annie loved school and couldn’t wait for the new year to begin.  She was going to be a third grader, and taking the long walk up the stairs into the old part of the school.  At the door of the … Continue reading

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