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I hate myself on days like this. I confess, I have longings. Some are very simple and basic. Many will claim them as impractical and idealistic, even absurd. Like, I have longings to be…

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A couple of years ago my husband and I had our genome mapped through I have to say I was surprised to find out what my genes said about me (and my ethnic makeup). While I knew that I … Continue reading

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Resistance Bread

It’s not my recipe, but I love the idea of it and intend to make it myself. And I am not much of a baker.

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Resolutions, Revisited: Part 1

(Okay, to be honest, I started this post more than a week ago, but I liked the beginning so I am not changing it.) The end of 2016 is nearly here; 2017 is just around the corner, and this pedometer … Continue reading

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