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We want tomorrow to be better

Originally posted on Box o' Ducks:
I’m sitting on the porch, enjoying the shade, the breeze and the quiet rustle of leaves. Church bells chime every hour, and cyclists pedal by. The parking spaces lining the streets and in the…

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Bend down, put your head between your legs….

I grew up a few years beyond “Duck and Cover” but I certainly remember the nightmares produced by the Cuban Missile Crisis, and I don’t want others to go through this so I definitely wanted to share Barbara’s writing.

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The journey of a thousand miles…July

…starts with a single step. In this pedometer geek’s quest (actually more of a in-solidarity-with challenge through a friend, Cally C of Great Britain) of walking a thousand miles in a year, an added dimension was added in July. In … Continue reading

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