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From the Keyboard

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When I was living in New York, I had a friend who worked at night, and had to take the subway to her job. Naturally, her friends and family were concerned about her safety. One day, over coffee, she told a few of us she had never been bothered. We were surprised. We had all had unpleasant experiences of one kind or another on our commutes—men who groped us during rush hour crowding; men who followed us to or from our destinations; men who sat next to us in nearly empty subway cars. We all carried small cans of hair spray or deodorant in pockets where we could reach them quickly. Some of us carried pocket knives. Most of us wore whistles around our necks.  We wanted to know her secret.

“Well,” she said, “as soon as I get on the train, I start talking to myself, as incoherently and…

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Carrot Ranch: Ninety-nine Word Flash Fiction

Dayton Peace Accord: World Affair

Participants began to line up for the parade. For some nations, there were only one or two participants; other contingents had larger groups, but all were dressed in their various ethnic costumes. Voices grew louder as the wait seemed to be interminable, waiting for the start of Dayton’s World Affair with its Parade of Nations.

World Affair was a yearly event that celebrated the proud ethnic and cultural diversity of the area. Lithuanians, Germans, Japanese, Scots, Irish, Greeks, and other people from around the world representing their ancestral countries, mingled together in the convention center for the three-day event.


This week’s Carrot Ranch prompt for the 99 word (no more, no less) flash fiction was parade of nations. Check out more of them at https://carrotranch.com/blog/ or join in with a 99-flash fiction of your own. Let the muse take you wherever it leads.

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BP: A Sense of Place: The Mountains

The Haiku Foundation continues their weekly column, A Sense of Place, with the setting changing to the mountains. K.J. Munro still selects haiku based on the particular sense she is highlighting. For this series, she went with sight, hearing, taste, and touch respectively. These are the haiku she selected from my submissions:

late summer wedding

Grand Teton veiled

in clouds and snow


mountain mist

the plop of drops

from the canopy


off the trail

raspberry picking

stains our mouths


off the trail

she walks

into a web

Nancy Brady, 2018


Now, Kathy has moved to fields/meadows. Submissions accepted weekly, and there are no age requirements as there was even one haiku written by a nine-year-old this week. Check out all the haiku at http://www.thehaikufoundation.org: A Sense of Place.

Thank you, Kathy, for choosing some of my haiku to publish. I am truly grateful to be alongside other well-known haiku poets.






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Salt and Pepper

Poignant recollection from Barbara Froman

From the Keyboard


I remember where I was on September 11th, 2001. We’d come back from a wonderful visit with family in California barely a week before. I was still in its afterglow, as I was still in the long afterglow of four months in Budapest.

Fall was approaching, my favorite time of year. It was a beautiful, mild, sunny Midwest morning. I was relaxed. I was happy.

I came downstairs early, made my breakfast, sat on the sofa in the living room, and turned on the news to see smoke billowing out of the first tower and gawked in disbelief. A few minutes later, the phone rang.


New York.

Are you watching? Did you see it?  Her voice cracked. It always cracked. This time was worse.

Yes. I recognized the same crack in mine.

And we watched together, a thousand miles apart, as the second tower was struck, and gasped…

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

…gang aft agley. Borrowing the line from Robert Burns’ poem ‘To a Mouse’ just about sums up this pedometer geek’s goal to complete the thousand miles by the end of August. On August 22nd, plans were derailed when this pedometer geek fell while riding my bicycle, leaving me battered, bruised, and with a broken wrist (and two days spent doing little but visiting physician’s offices and resting).

Unfortunately, it was my dominant hand, and learning to do even simple things like eating food, brushing teeth, and writing with my right hand has been difficult (and messy). Okay, haven’t done too much of the last one, and then only signing my name to a few forms for x-rays.

On the other hand, I took a tip from Chris Rodell’s book Use All the Crayons and have tried doing things with my opposite hand in the past. I just never considered that it would become a necessity, that trying some of his tips, especially this one, would be a helpful practice in the event… For other colorful tips, check out his book.

Still healing with the help of Rob (frankly, I don’t know how I would have managed without his constant care and love—thanks, Hon, love you), but here’s a quick post (with little fanfare) of August’s statistics of walking and reading.

The total number of steps was 277,238 steps with 36,293 aerobic steps. This equated to a little more than 117 miles leaving me about 8 miles short of completing the thousand mile goal. As of September 3rd, the goal has been met, but I digress.

Twelve books were read. Ten were fiction; two were nonfiction. Seven authors were new to this reader. Various genres were read, and six books were read in an e-book format.

Four of the books were from the bookcrossing.com Set-It-Yourself challenge were completed leaving six books to complete.

In the pages-read challenge, 3049 pages were added to bring the yearly total to 20,864 pages of the 40,000 page challenge.

In August, the following books were read:

One Dom to Love by Shayla Black

Taken by Her Unforgiving Billionaire Boss by Nadia Lee

Cat and Mouse by James Patterson

The Radium Girls by Kate Moore *

The Swallow’s Nest by Emilie Richards *

The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton *

Hers to Take by Talia Ellison

Escorted by Claire Kent

Temporary Bliss by B.J. Harvey

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold *

Ties That Bind by Lora Leigh and Jaid Black

Loving From Afar by Mona Ingram

Unlike other months, no synopsis of the books except to mention that The Swallow’s Nest was reviewed on www.pedometergeek.wordpress.com; however, I am willing to discuss any of the books in the comment section.

SIY books are denoted by *.





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It’s time to acknowledge the epidemic of pharmacist burnout

I didn’t write this. A fellow pharmacist did, but I certainly can understand her. To all my other fellow pharmacists, can you relate? Moreover, she has some suggestions to help with burnout. We need to take care of ourselves because we know some of the people we work for/with don’t think about our good.


I realized I was suffering from a burnout after I have snapped at my patient. This occurred after I have already worked an 8-hour shift in a fast pace specialty pharmacy, processing orders that were needed for severe infections, cancer patients, or patients in palliative care.  All of these orders required special attention. After a day of exhaustion, I was called to help out a local retail pharmacy.

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Carrot Ranch: a 99-word Flash Fiction

Elgin: A Cross-county Rival

In the early sixties, it became common for smaller schools to consolidate into larger schools. My county was no different with several schools opting to consolidate. Not my school, however; our district chose otherwise!

Elgin became one of those county schools; it was supposedly named by combining the three schools that made up the new school: LaRue, Green Camp, and New Bloomington. Elgin even named their mascot based upon America’s new obsession of space.

Elgin was our biggest football rival, and often, the conference championship hinged on the last game, us against them, with the Comets streaking to victory.


See more 99 word (no more, no less) flash fictions at Carrot Ranch https://carrotranch.com/ for more stories from this week’s prompt on Comets.




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