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Peach Fuzz

Composing this post at the keyboard so randomness and digressions are probable. When I think about peach fuzz, two things come to mind. The first is the fuzz on the fruit, and the other is pre-teen and teen boys who … Continue reading

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Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons: An Annie Story Annie always had vivid dreams, many of them nightmares that included being chased by nebulous horrors including spiders. One dream, in particular though, was so pleasant, so exciting that it spilled into her daytime. Even … Continue reading

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Rebel Girl: a small stone poem

Rebel Girl Shorts and a pink t-shirt worn by young girl Glittery sequins on shirt “Rebel Girl” At age five, What does she have to rebel against? Or is this empowerment?   A true rebel girl wouldn’t wear a sign. … Continue reading

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10 Things My Blog Taught Me

I didn’t write this, but since our writing group discussed the power of blogs I thought it was appropriate to share it.

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Cursive Writing: an Annie story

Cursive writing is no longer taught in most schools.  With the advent of computer keyboards, it has fallen by the wayside as inconsequential; however, that wasn’t always the case. Annie and her class started to learn to write in cursive … Continue reading

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Annie’s Tests

Disclaimer: There is a word that may be offensive in this story; my apologies to anyone who reads it and may be offended, but is written in the vernacular of the times. Please do not think it reflects the attitude … Continue reading

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Cat Tails/Tales

    It has been suggested, and more than once, that I’m a crazy cat lady-to-be; that I will probably own twenty cats (or more accurately they will own me) or more when I am old and alone. Frankly, I … Continue reading

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