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Story Chat: As Far as a Prisoner Can Go

Last week’s prompt at Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch was to rewrite a story in 99 words (no more, no less) based on the short story, As Far as a Prisoner Can Go, which Charli wrote for Story Chat. The Word … Continue reading

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BP: Haiku Happenings, May 5 Edition

For this pedometer geek writer, this was a big week of haiku happenings. First, Marietta McGregor, the guess editor of Haiku Foundation’s weekly column, Haiku Dialogue, finished her series on “finding peace and contemplation…in leisure time, making art. Poets from … Continue reading

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The Collection: Never Ending

Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch ( ) tasked her Word Wranglers the following prompt: April 18, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about never ending. You can hyphenate never-ending or write an example … Continue reading

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BP: Indian Kukai #33 (Mannequin)

This pedometer geek often participates in the Indian kukai. A kukai is an anonymously submitted contest of haiku by haiku poets from all over the world and then voted on by the other poets. There is always a theme or … Continue reading

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BP: Haiku Dialogue: Big/Little

The Haiku Foundation’s weekly column, Haiku Dialogue, has switched topics to Opposites Attract. This week’s topic was big/little, and the editor, K.J. Munro, selected one of mine. It is as follows: chance meeting… his childhood crush no longer little ~Nancy … Continue reading

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BP: Haiku Dialogue–Opposites Attract

A new theme at the Haiku Foundation’s weekly column, Haiku Dialogue, started last week.  K.J. Munro, the editor, chose the theme of Opposites Attract, beginning with Open and Close. This pedometer geek was fortunate to have K.J. select one of … Continue reading

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Waging war…

…on bindweed. As a general rule, this pedometer geek has a live-and-let-live policy, that is, within reason. What this pedometer geek calls Creeping Charlie is an exception; that plant has been on my radar to eliminate from our yard since … Continue reading

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BP: Stardust Haiku #42, June 2020 edition

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams has just published her monthly journal, Stardust Haiku: Poetry With a Little Sparkle. This is her 42nd edition, and she has chosen haiku submitted by haiku poets from around the world. This pedometer geek is both thrilled and … Continue reading

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S’mores? What are they good for?

Today, June 20th, is the first day of summer so happy Solstice. Because it is a leap year, it doesn’t fall on June 21, which was my grandmother’s birthday, but I digress. Since it is now officially summer, the activities … Continue reading

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Serving Berries

On April 29th, this pedometer geek posted a blog on the poem, “Serving Berries,” which was published in the first 44839: Poems from a Zip Code anthology published by Drinian Press, LLC. The poem was about the cedar waxwings who … Continue reading

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