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S’mores? What are they good for?

Today, June 20th, is the first day of summer so happy Solstice. Because it is a leap year, it doesn’t fall on June 21, which was my grandmother’s birthday, but I digress. Since it is now officially summer, the activities … Continue reading

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What-the-Tuck: Two New Trends

This pedometer geek reader has recently identified what could be new What-the-tuck trends in novels. Because of the predominance of repeated use of particular words and phrases, there are two that I have added to my growing list. The first … Continue reading

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Paris? A new What-the-tuck trend?

Paris, the city of light. Paris, the city of love. Paris, the capital of France. Paris, of the iconic Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel, elle est belle!*). In 2012 (published in 2011), I read Paula McClain’s The Paris Wife, which … Continue reading

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A new What-the-tuck trend?

This pedometer geek has begun to notice what may be a new What-the-tuck (WTT) trend. I haven’t quite decided if it is coincidence or not, but the single tear down the cheek of characters, major and minor (mostly major, but … Continue reading

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Skirting the issue…

This may be a what-the-tuck trend or just the changing style of dress. First it should be stated that this pedometer geek is not a fashion plate. I don’t buy or wear any of the brands of the rich and … Continue reading

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Exclamation points and periods…

I don’t know how to classify this blog-post. Is it a What-the-tuck trend? Is it a general writing style question? Is it a rant? I will leave it up to any reader to decide. Having said that (and this is … Continue reading

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