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The Journey of a Thousand Miles (August)

…starts with a single step. In solidarity with a friend in Great Britain, this pedometer geek is attempting to walk a thousand miles this year. Unfortunately, August was not the most productive of months in regards to putting on the … Continue reading

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May 2017’s Reads of a Pedometer Geek

This pedometer geek hasn’t written much in the past month or so. Well, at least, not here on my blog. I have shared a post or two of others’ writings, but that is about it. I’d like to claim that … Continue reading

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The Journey of a 1000 Miles (Part 2)…

…starts with a single step. Continuing with the goal of walking 1000 miles throughout the year (once again, thank you, Caroline C for the challenge), this pedometer geek did not slack off in March. Following up February’s success of averaging … Continue reading

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September 2015’s reads of a pedometer geek

Despite the fact that October is nearly over, that November (and with it the dreaded time change), is nearly here, this pedometer geek’s resolutions have not been reported. Too many events and expectations earlier have taken precedence over this (in … Continue reading

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July 2015’s reads of a pedometer geek

The second half of the year has begun, but the New Year’s resolutions of this pedometer geek are going well. The first resolution is to put steps on the pedometer (with a goal of 10,000 steps per day). July was … Continue reading

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March 2015’s reads of a somewhat slacking pedometer geek

The first quarter has ended; the second has begun, and New Year’s resolutions are still intact for this pedometer geek. Of course, it is important to choose resolutions that one is motivated to do, and this pedometer geek has two … Continue reading

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January 2015’s reads of a slacking pedometer geek

With the advent of the New Year, this pedometer geek has re-upped the resolutions from 2014, or at least most of them. While there is still the Swan Swimming Under a full Moon needlepoint canvas that needs to be completed, … Continue reading

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