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BP: Failed Haiku #70

This pedometer geek writer submitted haiku and senryu to a few journals in September. Per usual, there were one or two rejections, but for the most part, this writer was pleasantly surprised to have had several poems selected.   One … Continue reading

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BP: Failed Haiku #67

This pedometer geek writer has been submitting to many of the haiku journals recently, and this writer has had a fair amount of success. Yes, there have been more than some rejections, too. One of my favorite journals to submit … Continue reading

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BP: Failed Haiku # 65

One of the haiku journals this pedometer geek poet submits to on a semi-regular basis, when I remember, that is, is Failed Haiku, edited by Mike Rehling and Bryan Rickert. In April, this poet submitted once again, but because of … Continue reading

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BP: Failed Haiku #64

It has been some time since this pedometer geek poet has submitted to the online journal of English senryu, Failed Haiku. In the past, I made the effort to submit to this online journal as many of my senryu were … Continue reading

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BP: Reading Roundup 2017 of a Pedometer Geek

This pedometer geek generally reports on the steps taken and the books read every month. (Well, there were a few months when this didn’t happen as someone indicated it was silly and useless, but I digress.) Reading more and putting … Continue reading

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Haiku? Senryu?

This pedometer geek must admit that I can’t always tell whether the haiku I write are really haiku or senryu. (Haiku is nature-based; the other is more human-based.) For me, it is a moment, a glimpse of something that affects … Continue reading

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