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The journey of a thousand miles…July

…starts with a single step. In this pedometer geek’s quest (actually more of a in-solidarity-with challenge through a friend, Cally C of Great Britain) of walking a thousand miles in a year, an added dimension was added in July. In … Continue reading

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May 2017’s Reads of a Pedometer Geek

This pedometer geek hasn’t written much in the past month or so. Well, at least, not here on my blog. I have shared a post or two of others’ writings, but that is about it. I’d like to claim that … Continue reading

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SNC #Chasershots

Normally this non-musical (I sing in the key of Off) pedometer geek reviews books because that’s what I know best, but not letting my lack of knowledge about music stop me, this is my lack-of-smart-phone #chasershots review of yesterday afternoon’s … Continue reading

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September’s reads by a pedometer geek

For most people, New Year’s Day and the resolutions made then are long gone. Some people are already thinking about the upcoming holidays. This pedometer geek, however, is still working on most of those resolutions made way-back-when. As a pedometer … Continue reading

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August’s reads of a somewhat slacking pedometer geek

Continuing with my New Year’s resolutions, this pedometer geek has made some strides, but not as many as desired. Two resolutions, however, are still active. The first is the resolution to put more steps on the pedometer. The ultimate goal … Continue reading

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