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May 2017’s Reads of a Pedometer Geek

This pedometer geek hasn’t written much in the past month or so. Well, at least, not here on my blog. I have shared a post or two of others’ writings, but that is about it. I’d like to claim that … Continue reading

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Resolutions, Revisited: Part 1

(Okay, to be honest, I started this post more than a week ago, but I liked the beginning so I am not changing it.) The end of 2016 is nearly here; 2017 is just around the corner, and this pedometer … Continue reading

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December 2014’s reads of a slacking pedometer geek, and looking back at the year’s resolutions

Many resolutions have been made in the past week or so, and for some people they have already been abandoned, too. Yet, this pedometer geek can’t focus on 2015 until reporting on the resolutions of the past year. Several resolutions … Continue reading

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