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Hands Across the Years: A 99-word Flash

This pedometer geek has to admit that writing has taken a backseat to every other thing recently. Between working, volunteering, reading, and just being lazy (and day-to-day life), nothing has been produced writing-wise. Okay, one poem was written, and now … Continue reading

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Superhero Mom

I suspect every mother has at least one superpower. What that superpower for any particular mother is anyone’s guess. Further, there may even be a superhero suit lurking underneath the regular workaday clothes. It is only in retrospect that I … Continue reading

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The Mug

The mug…the other day, I finally, for the first time ever, used the mug. It was a present from my cousin Denny. We all received one from him along with other gifts from his sojourn to Hong Kong when he … Continue reading

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Being a mom…

Generally, I have found that composing at the keyboard leads to not saying exactly what I want…either forgetting something I wanted to say or not expressing myself as I hoped. But, despite this, this post is being composed at the … Continue reading

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