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Jackie Mayer…Celebrates America

To describe Jackie Mayer as a Miss A. Sister and pageant winner doesn’t do her justice. To describe her as a stroke survivor doesn’t do her justice, either. She is so much more than that, and yet her reign started … Continue reading

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Mallory Hagan…Celebrates America

This pedometer geek normally doesn’t blog this much, but wanted to get out another bio of the Miss A. Sisters who will be performing at the patriotic program, Celebrate America. Time is short, thus the second blog post of the … Continue reading

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Here they come….to Celebrate America

Brains, beauty, poise, and talent…those four words just about sum up the nine lovely women who will be seen at Celebrate America, the world premiere of a patriotic program featuring Jackie Mayer’s Miss America Sisters, a sisterhood forged of like-minded … Continue reading

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