Naturalist Weekly: Micro-season–The Rainbow Hides Unseen

This week Mark S’s blog, Naturalist Weekly, is all about the micro-season, The Rainbow Hides Unseen, which is the first micro-season of the mini-season called Minor Snow.

Although rainbows are not seen as regularly in the winter, some rainbows or sun dogs will appear in the sky.

The following are a two haiku and a monoku which feature either rainbows or sun dogs:

ice rainbow…

the sun melts it

all too soon


ice rainbow

hides in the clouds

–sunny afternoon


frosty feathers disappear in sun dogs

~Nancy Brady, 2022

To read other haiku as well as Mark S’s blog, check out

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About pedometergeek

A pharmacist by profession, a haiku poet by nature, I read and write. I have a book of haiku, Ohayo Haiku, and another somewhat alternative haiku book, Three Breaths, but write other genres. I also read...lots of novels! My favorite is, and remains, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged but I am also a big Harry Potter fan. I truly am a pedometer geek strapping on my pedometer as soon as I awaken.
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12 Responses to Naturalist Weekly: Micro-season–The Rainbow Hides Unseen

  1. JC home says:

    You’re so descriptive in your writing. Every word can paint a picture.

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  2. Mark S says:

    Hi Nancy, I appreciate you introducing sun dogs to this micro-season. They might be more likely at this time of year for us in the northern climates! Thanks for sharing your work and linking up. Have a good week!

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    • Hi Mark,
      I don’t know if sun dogs actually count, but glad you consider them worthy to be counted in with the micro-season. I saw a magnificent one last week driving home. Alas, I didn’t have my camera with me.

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      • Mark S says:

        I think we could make an argument for sun dogs as a micro-season. Although it is possible for them to happen at any time of year, people are more likely to see them when the sun is lower in the sky, which would be the winter months.

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  3. Jules says:

    Oh… lovely I had to look up Sun Dogs…
    I have an idea or two forming… hope they don’t melt before I can pen them 🙂

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    • I hope you get them down before the muse leaves. The first time I saw one I didn’t know what they were called. I just called them icebows since it was so cold. Lots of time they are circular, but then technically, I think rainbows are too IF we could see below the horizon. ~nan

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  4. Mark S. I think so, too, as it is more common to see them this time of year (in the northern hemisphere, that is) because of the sun’s position in the sky. Or is that the earth’s position in relation to the sun?

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  5. Saw them there. Most impressive, JP.

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