BP: Presence #73

The British haiku journal, Presence #73, has finally arrived in my mailbox. Edited by Ian Storr, the journal is jam-packed with haiku, tanka, haibun (a combination of prose and haiku), other haiku-related forms, and a few reviews of haiku books.

Quite a few haiku poets I know are included in this issue, and this poet is proud to be among them. My haiku is as follows:

strong wind

lake water going

every which wave

~Nancy Brady, 2022

Thanks, Ian, for accepting this haiku in your journal. I look forward to reading all the poems during the upcoming days.

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About pedometergeek

A pharmacist by profession, a haiku poet by nature, I read and write. I have a book of haiku, Ohayo Haiku, and another somewhat alternative haiku book, Three Breaths, but write other genres. I also read...lots of novels! My favorite is, and remains, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged but I am also a big Harry Potter fan. I truly am a pedometer geek strapping on my pedometer as soon as I awaken.
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4 Responses to BP: Presence #73

  1. Jules says:

    Always fun to be included. I enjoy every which wave 😉

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  2. JC home says:

    I liked the play on words in the last line. Very nicely done.

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