BP: Haiku Dialogue–Hobbies

This week’s Haiku Dialogue column, which is being moderated (edited) by Tia Haynes, was about hobbies. The column can be found on the Haiku Foundation’s website,  http://www.thehaikufoundation.org . This pedometer geek was fortunate to have the following haiku selected:

window seat…

all the places she visits

through books

~Nancy Brady, 2020

For those who have read my blogs over the years should realize that reading is one of my hobbies, maybe even my favorite hobby. It is a great way to see the world especially in this time of Covid-19, and unfortunately no one is going to be traveling much until the pandemic is over. Or as Dr. Seuss once wrote, “oh, the places you’ll go.”

To see all of the haiku covering hobbies or to participate in next week’s column on the color yellow (or shades thereof), check out the Haiku Foundation.

About pedometergeek

A pharmacist by profession, a haiku poet by nature, I read and write. I have a book of haiku, Ohayo Haiku, and another somewhat alternative haiku book, Three Breaths, but write other genres. I also read...lots of novels! My favorite is, and remains, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged but I am also a big Harry Potter fan. I truly am a pedometer geek strapping on my pedometer as soon as I awaken.
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7 Responses to BP: Haiku Dialogue–Hobbies

  1. Jules says:

    And now we are thankful that some folks who have a sewing hobby are making some ‘masks’ for care workers. I’ve even experimented with a few of modifications of my own for personal use.
    One needs to remember that any cotton masks one makes is not an N95 mask. And Cotton masks with or without some kind of additional cotton filter insert are only going to keep you from spreading your own and will not prevent you from receiving.

    There are many find videos out there with different instructions as well as explanations better than mine as to what these cotton masks can and cannot do. And now that we are also supposed to wear them…out side our homes… even though our ‘fearless’ leader has stated ‘he’ll not wear one’ in public… The rest of us should do our jobs to keep our communities safe.

    Stay safe and sane.

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    • Well said, Jules. I want you and your family to stay safe, stay sane, and most of all, stay healthy.
      We happen to have two N95 masks because Rob bought them years ago for doing woodworking (sanding, sawing, etc.) that created a lot of sawdust. He has also fashioned masks from handkerchiefs lined with several layers. We will be wearing them if or when we go out. ~nan


  2. Sandra Wright says:

    I enjoyed this one. I bet there will be a lot of poetry written during this time.

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  3. A window seat is an inviting place to read books. Kudos!

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