Room 112: A 99-word flash story

This week’s prompt over at Carrot Ranch: in 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about gender. It can be fixed or fluid. Explore the topic on your own terms and open your mind to possibilities and understanding. Go where the prompt leads! (per the site

Here’s mine :

Room 112

It’s an historic building where Julie worked, and according to some people, it was once a home for orphaned children. Some of her co-workers claim they still hear the moans and screams of children when the building is empty.

One office suite was unusual as it had been converted. It was the only one in which girls, women, and those who identify as female entered and exited with regularity. Julie, too, visited the office regularly and always felt better (perhaps relief would be a better word). Rarely was she not satisfied even with her short visits to Room 112.

Nancy Brady, 2019

Check out all the flash fictions at I would guess this was not what the chief wrangler Charli meant by writing about gender, but I have been wanting to blog about the weirdness of having a bathroom with a number on the door like the other offices in the building have. None of the other bathrooms has a number assigned to them. This bathroom is an anomaly.



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  1. Jules says:

    Sometimes there is comfort in knowing that you can do your business comfortably and in private 😉

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