Of Mice and Girls: 99 flash fiction

This week’s prompt at Carrot Ranch is to write a story in 99 words (no more, no less) that contains the word mice. Here’s mine.

Of Mice and Girls

Mighty Mouse was Julie’s favorite cartoon; she sat enthralled on the living room floor every Saturday morning. When the mice got into trouble, he would fly to their rescue, saving them from the mean old cat. She thought him handsome in his tights and cape as he sang, “Here I come to save the day, Mighty Mouse is on the way!”

He was Julie’s hero, and she had a crush on him.

Julie had a little doll with a brown ponytail, just like her. When Julie played with her doll, she pretended she was Mighty Mouse’s girlfriend, his love.

Nancy Brady, 2019

For those who were children in the fifties and sixties, they might remember this cartoon. In addition, I can almost bet they mentally sang his theme song.

Not only did I love Mighty Mouse, but I also loved Tom Terrific and, especially, Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog.

For more 99-word flash fictions, check them all out at http://www.carrotranch.com


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8 Responses to Of Mice and Girls: 99 flash fiction

  1. Mighty Mouse! Oh, my gosh, the opera singing mouse super hero! Who can forget him? Love this! It really brings back those memories…thanks!

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  2. Jules says:

    I remember Mighty Mouse! It is good to have heroes even if they are cartoons 🙂


  3. oneletterup says:

    Oh my. I’ll never forget Mighty Mouse – and I enjoyed your story! Saving the day was a big deal when I was a child. I think I was hoping he would show up. 🙂
    I was never a fan of cats and perhaps MM was why!!


    • I think I did, too, oneletterup. That’s why my ponytail doll (I never gave her a name for some reason) made him into her personal hero. Silly, I know, but I was only like 4 or 5 years old, and a girl can dream. ~nan

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  4. Michael B. Fishman says:

    It’s very nice to read a blogger who watched the same cartoons as I did! As much as I liked Mighty Mouse, I’m probably more of an Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo fan 🙂


    • Gee, Chumley…I am just a humble shoeshine boy! I must be a bit older than you as these ‘superheroes’ are remembered fondly, too, but I was much older when these cartoons came out. I was only about 4 or 5 when Mighty Mouse had my heart racing. 😉 ~nan

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