Carrot Ranch: a 99-word Flash Fiction

Elgin: A Cross-county Rival

In the early sixties, it became common for smaller schools to consolidate into larger schools. My county was no different with several schools opting to consolidate. Not my school, however; our district chose otherwise!

Elgin became one of those county schools; it was supposedly named by combining the three schools that made up the new school: LaRue, Green Camp, and New Bloomington. Elgin even named their mascot based upon America’s new obsession of space.

Elgin was our biggest football rival, and often, the conference championship hinged on the last game, us against them, with the Comets streaking to victory.


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2 Responses to Carrot Ranch: a 99-word Flash Fiction

  1. Jules says:

    While not so much a real small town, I remember attending Friday night foot-ball games (it was something my folks liked to do).
    And there is a possibility that I might have seen my hubby (who was a photographer for his school) on the side lines when our two schools matched up. 🙂


  2. For our family, it was Friday night football during the fall. Away or home, it was the same. LGN (say it aloud) was Pleasant’s main rival. In fact, my parents were such football fans that on the night they eloped, they went to a football game afterward. Did you know your husband to be already/?


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