Daily Prompt: Frigid

via Daily Prompt: Frigid

The recommissioned tanker Adam Cornelius, which has been renamed Algoma Compass, was supposed to leave the dock yesterday after sitting in the Huron River for the past three years. Rumors circulated that it had been sold for scrap after it never left the dock when its sister ship, the John Borland, left later than expected in July 2015.

Other tankers came and went, discharging their loads of taconite or limestone, but not the Adam Cornelius. One year turned into two and then into three before it was purchased for scrap or so the people thought. That is, until recently, when people noticed activity with the tanker. Lights could be seen shining out of portholes at night, and that is when the news came out that it was finally, finally moving out into Lake Erie, now that the ice is nearly off the lake for the year.

In this city of 8,000 people in which the river and the lake play a huge role in its identity, this is big news. But then the news went out that departure was delayed until today.

So, today, citizens from all over gathered came to watch the launch, which was scheduled for 1:00PM. Despite the wind whipping up, and the frigid temperature coming off the river and the lake, there was a party atmosphere as intrepid persons braved the cold and wind for the launch.

One o’clock arrived, but the Algoma Compass did not move. Nearly an hour later, it was announced by the crew of the Border Patrol boat cruising up and down the Huron River that the launch had again been postponed. Postponed until 7:00AM tomorrow. Reluctantly, some in the crowd dispersed, but will they return early tomorrow, once again braving the frigid conditions?

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4 Responses to Daily Prompt: Frigid

  1. Jules says:

    I don’t mind some cold. But I tried to fight a head wind yesterday and that scrapped any plans of venturing out today. It snowed from noon to about 4 pm. The sun is making a brave appearance, but I don’t think things will warm up too much.

    Just dress in layers if you do go out tomorrow 😉

    I’ve been having to go to the hotel gym to get my steps in. At least the halls are long and there are stairs to climb. I might get to Lake William’s trail on Saturday – I can deal with 40 degrees as long as there isn’t any wind and I’m moving.

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    • I don’t know if we will make it there tomorrow even though it is only a block away from the house. We usually wake at 7; however, if we do go, we’ll dress warmly. We did today, but it was still chilly. No snow, but definitely windy. I was smart enough to get a hot chocolate.

      Like you, I spend an inordinate amount of time on our treadmill when I can’t get out and walk. I try to find errands (going to the post office, the library, the bank) to get out of the house. Sometimes I just walk down to the lake.

      On the other hand, we will be heading to my grandson’s second birthday party, and if will fun to spend an hour or two with him.

      May you have better weather and actually make it to William.

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  2. Actually, end of March (the 30th), but I think this was the best day for the event. By the way, saw the tanker leave this morning. It was awesome…horns blowing and crowds in evidence. Have a fantastic Sabbath.


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