VICE Magazine: The Story Behind Their Story will Freak You Out

Just another reason to read The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello. First making the NYT bestseller list, the USA Today’s list, and now…Vice magazine.

Eva Lesko Natiello


If you’re an author and you’re in the belly of writing a story, you’re obsessed with your characters. Truly. You think about them all the time. Everywhere you go, they’re with you. Like a pack of invisible friends. It’s a little strange and slightly creepy. That’s exactly where I was a couple of weeks ago. Thinking really hard about my work-in-progress. When all of a sudden, thoughts of Caroline Thompson emerged.

Some of you may know, Caroline Thompson is the main character of TheMemoryBox. The book I published two years ago. Admittedly, I used to be obsessed with her. Not a day went by, for months (years, if I’m being honest) that I didn’t think about her. But since the book was released, I don’t think about her much. Not at all, really. So when she popped into my head on a Wednesday morning a couple of…

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