Fault Lines

Wise words from Barbara…thus sharing!

Barbara Froman


Over half-a-dozen years ago, someone very dear to me wound up in intensive care after surgery, the result of one of those risks often rattled off at lightning speed during pre-op consultations, or buried in miniscule print on consent forms.

To his credit, the surgeon took full responsibility for what happened—in effect, an unwitting oversight—and immediately brought in specialists to treat and monitor the condition, which, thankfully, resolved.

But, sadly, he never took responsibility for a different oversight: his failure to tell us about all the risks associated with that surgery, despite the fact that we asked for them.

As you might expect, we felt blindsided.

But this post is not about medical error.

It’s about survival instinct, the way it was leveled against us by some of our closest friends—as blame for not checking the surgeon thoroughly enough—a man at the top of his field with an international reputation…

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  1. Thank you, Nancy! Much appreciated! 🙂


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