Mallory Hagan…Celebrates America

This pedometer geek normally doesn’t blog this much, but wanted to get out another bio of the Miss A. Sisters who will be performing at the patriotic program, Celebrate America. Time is short, thus the second blog post of the day. In addition to Mallory Hagan’s bio, there is one more to come. Last but not least will be the bio of Jackie Mayer, who is the mover and shaker behind the scenes, the person who wanted to showcase the Miss A. Sisterhood in this program, but I digress as this Mallory’s platform.

Be kind. Be Courageous. Be you. This became Mallory Hagan’s mantra during her reign. It continues to be her philosophy on life today.

Mallory grew up in Alabama and was heavily involved in the arts through dance, theater, show choir, and more. At age nineteen, she left Alabama and moved to New York in an attempt to figure out what she wanted to accomplish in her life. Ultimately, she was accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) as an Advertising, Marketing, and Communications student. From there, as a New York resident, she blazed a path leading to her success in the pageant organization.

Through her pageant position, Mallory found her passion in advocacy, most specifically for the education of the nation in regard to Child Sexual Abuse. In an effort to share her family’s story, she has been featured on national television programs such as Good Morning America, The View, and The Wendy Williams Show. She has been seen on hundreds of local news sources as well. She continues to work with local and national organizations such as Child Abuse Prevention Program, Prevent Child Abuse America, and Safe Horizon as well as being a national spokesperson for the World Be Free Campaign, which is launching this fall.

It is no wonder that Mallory is involved in Celebrate America as one of the charities, (which will receive funds from the event), is Michael’s House, which helps physically and sexually abused children.

Outside of her personal platform, she also volunteers with other service programs such as God’s Love, We Deliver, City Chicks 4 Charity, and No Kid Hungry.

During her reign, she was recognized as an Influential Woman at the 2013 Forbes Women’s Summit in addition to other awards and honors. She is utilizing her scholarship money to continue her education at FIT as well as pursuing opportunities to influence others through media platforms.

Celebrate America, the patriotic program, is only two days away. Tickets are still available, and donations to Celebrate America Productions are gratefully appreciated as all proceeds will go to four charities. Those charities are as follows:

Michael’s House
The Huron Playhouse
Beverlie Buck Mayer Music Scholarship
Life of Significance Scholarship

Where else can nine lovely, talented ladies be seen on one stage for one night anywhere else? The answer: Nowhere except the Sandusky State Theatre in Sandusky, Ohio on October 3, 2015. To use Mallory Hagan’s mantra…Be Kind. Be Courageous. Be You…and to this I add, Be There! This is the premiere event for Celebrate America Productions, a Not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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