Here they come….to Celebrate America

Brains, beauty, poise, and talent…those four words just about sum up the nine lovely women who will be seen at Celebrate America, the world premiere of a patriotic program featuring Jackie Mayer’s Miss America Sisters, a sisterhood forged of like-minded women.

These women all wore the same crown in the past, but they are more than that…they share a legacy that didn’t stop after a year’s reign. They went on to become professional singers, dancers, pianists, television personalities, and inspirational speakers. They are also ambassadors for the causes they believe in, and they will be coming from all over the United States for this program.

Joining Jackie Mayer (1963) in the inaugural event are her Sisters/Friends:

BeBe Shopp, 1948
Debra Barnes, 1968
Dorothy Benham, 1977
Susan Powell, 1981
Kellye Cash, 1987
Katie Harman, 2002
Ericka Dunlap, 2004
Mallory Hagan, 2013
Celebrate America’s inaugural event will take place on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at the Sandusky State Theatre in Sandusky, Ohio at 7:20 PM. Tickets are available at             (419) 626-1950 or toll-free at (877) 626-1950 or online at

Celebrate America is a Not-For-Profit, 501(c)(3) program, and all proceeds will go to the following charities:

“Michael’s House” for sexually and physically abused children
“The Huron Playhouse,” Ohio’s oldest continuing educational summer theatre
“Life of Significance Scholarship” for graduating seniors who have shown commitment to Sandusky High School, their church, and their community
“Beverlie Buck Mayer Music Scholarship” for college juniors or seniors who will inspire students be becoming performance music majors, music teachers, choir and/or orchestra directors

So, join these wonderful ladies in a night of celebrating the great country that is America.

In subsequent posts, each woman will be highlighted with the accomplishments since her reign. Watch for them, but in the meantime, get your tickets now for this premiere event.

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    How much are ticket s?


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