MMM….Million Mile Month

This pedometer geek is always tries to achieve 10,000 steps on the pedometer each day. It is one of my continuing resolutions though I must admit that I have never consistently achieved it. The closest I ever came was one July in which I logged over 267,000 steps.

Starting tomorrow, April 1, I have added another goal to put more steps on my pedometer. Challenged by a friend in Austin, Texas, I have agreed to participate in the Million Mile Month. The idea behind this event is to have enough people participating by walking, biking, running, or even yoga (not sure how to record miles in yoga, but I digress) throughout the month of April that collectively a million miles of physical activity will be logged.

I have pledged to do a hundred miles, and my participation donation is/was donated to the American Diabetes Association. Being both a pharmacist and diabetes educator, I know the importance of physical activity to help reduce the incidence of diabetes, have better glucose control, and prevent diabetes-related disorders including heart disease.

This is just one more incentive for this pedometer geek to put steps on my pedometer, and maybe April 2015 will be the month I reach that elusive 10K every day. There is always room for more or as the website says “the more the merrier,” so register now to join others in this month-long event to stay healthy.

About pedometergeek

A pharmacist by profession, a haiku poet by nature, I read and write. I have a book of haiku, Ohayo Haiku, and another somewhat alternative haiku book, Three Breaths, but write other genres. I also read...lots of novels! My favorite is, and remains, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged but I am also a big Harry Potter fan. I truly am a pedometer geek strapping on my pedometer as soon as I awaken.
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5 Responses to MMM….Million Mile Month

  1. Great idea Nan. I strive for my 10,000 steps per day. It’s a good goal to keep me moving at work.


  2. julespaige says:

    I tried to get a fit-bit thing. We couldn’t get it to work. It just would not interface with our computer systems. So alas it is gone. But I borrowed an old pedometer thing that was some sort of intensive for my hubby’s work. I am not sure if it is set to his pace and can not reset it to my pace. And every night I have to take the batter out to reset it. Most days I get in 5,000 steps. That’s when a series of beeps bleeps for about a minute. There is a mile counter, but again I think it is set to Hubby’s gait. Good luck with your goal.

    My Instant Karma’s have been reflective the last few days of attempting to deal with a family situation…here:

    Life goes on. Son of Son starts K in the fall and Little Miss will be 2 this summer. Eek. Where does the time go 🙂 Hugs, Jules


    • Will check out the link. I have gone through so many pedometers. Never tried the fit-bit thing although I know several who like theirs. I use an Omron that records even if it is tipped on its side. I average around 5000 steps this time of year and increase in the summer and fall when the weather is good. This challenge is pushing me to put more steps in, and I gotta just do it.
      It is hard to believe how fast little ones grow. Three grandkids now…the oldest is 12, next is 10, the youngest is 20 months old (all same family). Hugs, Nan


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