Another small stone…

Plump red crab-apples
weigh heavily,
hang low on drooping, bare branches.
Feasting upon them,
sparrows, robins, finches,
and red-winged blackbirds
caught in early snow
cover the tree.

About pedometergeek

A pharmacist by profession, a haiku poet by nature, I read and write. I have a book of haiku, Ohayo Haiku, and another somewhat alternative haiku book, Three Breaths, but write other genres. I also read...lots of novels! My favorite is, and remains, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged but I am also a big Harry Potter fan. I truly am a pedometer geek strapping on my pedometer as soon as I awaken.
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2 Responses to Another small stone…

  1. julespaige says:

    Amazing how nature provides.
    While I’m not into it myself there is a big movement for Urban survivalists.
    Going to the local parks and picking the berries and other natural things that ought to be left for what ever wildlife still exists there.
    Maybe though they also make it a point to forage in areas that have excess?


  2. I think it is fine for people to pick some of it( a berry or two), but only in excess amounts. They are there for a reason, and if we wish birds and wildlife to flourish, we need to provide habitat. Just my opinion…


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